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Ego Bye Bye is a small, family run business that believes in the beauty of handmade and keeping it simple.  

Our work is influenced by our love for aesthetics, simplicity and words that can encourage and move us to live a good life. Our work is also greatly influenced by modern architecture and nature, as well as the Scandinavian design. We love patterns, black & white, color, wood, textiles and imperfections.

Our believe that true happiness lies in here and now and that the limiting factor which is holding us back is our ego. We are constantly reflecting and evaluating the things which are happening around us and so taking away the pure joy which lies in the moment and the feeling of connection to our true nature.

“Our deepest intuitions about what it means to be a person are based on an illusion. There is no inner essence, no ego, no observing 'I', no ghost in the machine” - PAUL BROKS NEUROSCIENTIST AT HARVARD

Our products are made to not harm any kind of being. We only use materials that are sustainable, natural, fair and those who bring happiness and freedom to all. We also strongly believe if products have a bigger meaning people they are used longer - which is more friendly to the environment and creates more happy people.

Modern, handmade beauty and daily inspiration to celebrate love and friendship.

We hope you find something that moves you.